Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is in its final season. As the villains take their Last Stand and the EX1 assault rifle and RA 225 submachine gun join the loot pool, Raven Software has deployed a Warzone Pacific patch to make bug fixes for Season Five. Fixes for collision issues in Caldera and Fortune’s Keep have become common in recent patches. This update is no different, as Raven Software continues to address elements that players could exploit or shoot through.

Additionally, the patch addressed a gameplay issue that caused the Battle Hardened Perk to not work as intended. Previously, the perk wouldn’t decrease the time stunned by 80%, as it should. A bug related to the ammunition attachments of the popular Gorenko Anti-Tank Rife was also fixed, so it’ll not longer appear locked even if a player was past the unlock level. Last but not least, the sound effect of picking up Hero or Villain points has been reduced, as a bug caused them to be louder than intended.


As we are in the early days of Season Five, more updates are expected to arrive. If you want to keep an eye on the bugs and glitches the developers are working on, make sure to check the Warzone Pacific Trello Board.

Looking ahead to the next installment of Warzone

Understandably, fans have been eagerly awaiting official information about the future of the battle royale. All we have to go off of so far are leaks. A previous leak claimed that some Modern Warfare 2 maps, such as the classic map, Highrise, could be a point of interest in Warzone 2. The Call of Duty Next event should give us the first official details about Warzone 2. Also, Infinity Ward will be sharing details about Modern Warfare 2 and giving us a first look at some gameplay.

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