As with others who have played Minecraft, one player found themselves in an odd situation with a pair of villagers in a recent clip. These passive mobs that inhabit villages are most known for their ability to trade items with players but can interact with other villagers as well. Through odd sounds and staring, villagers in Minecraft can communicate information and conduct trades among themselves.

Minecraft has featured villagers since 2012, and these passive mobs have since given players the chance to trade items as well as populate their own town creations with them. Placing certain job blocks down can change the profession and look of these villagers, also altering what players can acquire from them through trades.


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In this clip, shared by u/Lachie_mat3281, the player is shown wandering around a typical village in Minecraft’s Plains biome. Nearby, a pair of villagers that appear to be having a conversation. The player approaches the pair just as the fisherman villager walks away from the farmer. This mob only goes a short distance before it then rotates on the spot and marches right back up to the farmer. After briefly locking eyes, both villagers slowly rotate to face the player almost as if they were asking u/Lachie_mat3281 to mind their own business. Although this is just a 14-second clip, it does a great job of showing how much personality these villagers can display in the game.

While seemingly simple mobs in Minecraft, villagers actually have complex behaviors and patterns. This includes socializing (periods of time when villagers stare at one another) and gossiping (moments when villagers share memories about players). The latter of these impact how the village as a whole feels about the player and can improve or hurt the price of goods. This funny scene is likely an example of one of these moments between villagers.

The villages add some much-needed life to Minecraft‘s overworld, especially for those players who spend most of their time in private worlds. While not perfect, villagers have their own schedules and interests and are great additions for those who want their own town to feel more alive.

Then again, villagers can be a bit rigid and frustrating. These passive mobs can often be found staring intensely at players, getting themselves infected by zombies, or killed by other mobs. For those looking for perfection, villagers fall well short. Either way, however, this player shows off just how odd and amusing these mobs can be.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

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