• South Africa’s iconic Union Buildings are available to play in Minecraft, in multiplayer survival mode.
  • The creators says it took five months and blueprints to get it almost – but not exactly – right.
  • If you are extremely observant, you may see that the Minecraft version of the buildings is just a tad too long.
  • Or you can just look at how pretty the recreation is.
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Head to the right server, the Crazy Fools UK community, and you can play survival-mode Minecraft in a landscape that features South Africa’s Union Buildings.

And you’ll have to look quite closely to see any deviation from the real thing.

As designed by Sir Herbert Baker, the seat of the President is 285 metres long, says the lead creator, who prefers to go just by the online alias Shield543. In Minecraft, where one block is equivalent to one metre, that should mean 285 blocks. But to make it work in Minecraft, it had to be extended to 296 blocks, they told Business Insider South Africa.

It is also, in places, conveniently lit by burning torches.

Other than that, the exterior is as close as examinations of the original blueprints, photographs, Google Earth, and maps could make it.

During the pandemic, “I developed an interest in recreating real life buildings in Minecraft,” said Shield543.

“After doing some smaller buildings, I thought about embarking upon a larger project. Having been born in South Africa, I was aware of South Africa’s rich architectural history, so I challenged myself to design a building that is arguably one of South Africa’s most famous, the Union Buildings.”

The result is a fully playable Union Buildings terrain, set within a fantasy town of unrelated buildings on the server.

Building it took five months’ worth of on-and-off work, said Shield543, and the help of other players on the server.

You can see a tour of the Minecraft Union Buildings here:

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