Elden Ring has been thwarted by one committed Twitch streamer who managed to overcome 53 bosses en route to completing the game using only a dance pad.

Millions of players have found the challenge of completing Elden Ring normally to be too much as it is, but as always, some people are loaded with talent – such as the player who toppled the infamous Malenia boss using only one hand.

There are always different and imaginative ways to spruce up the difficulty in a Souls game and up the ante even further, and Twitch streamer MissMikkaa recently proved this by completing a Remembrance run using only her feet on a dance pad.

Elden Ring beaten with a dance pad

“One day later and the Dance Pad All Remembrances Run is complete! This was a fun challenge! It was difficult in the beginning (Died to Soldier of Godrick) but I got the hang of it after a while,” the streamer said after pulling off this tough test.

She seemed rather cool, calm, and collected as she battled the game’s final boss – the Elden Beast – and despite taking a big hit from the boss, she was able to fell the great enemy and complete the game.

The Remembrance run requires a player to defeat the 15 major bosses that hold Remembrances, but Twitch streamer Jake Lucky informed people that a lot more bosses were overcome during the marathon journey.

“Absolutely incredible, Twitch streamer @MissMikkaa has completed her Elden Ring remembrance boss run… with a dance pad 53 bosses, 13 days of streaming, 66 hours of gameplay, and 1 broken dance pad later. GGWP.”

You’d think that MissMikkaa would be satisfied with her accomplishment — but evidently not it seems!

The streamer tweeted out to her fanbase that she was attempting the “Dance Pad Level 1 challenge,” meaning there’s plenty of unfinished business for the streamer with Elden Ring.

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