DEAR SHAUN: I am looking for something to do on Friday in Worcester. Do you have any suggestions?

DEAR LOOKING FOR A GOOD TIME: Well you didn’t leave me with much, but I’ll bite. There are lots of great things to do in this wonderful little city. I’m sure this publication is telling all about the fun things to do this weekend. That being said, I will absolutely not in any way mention that The Sort of Late Show with Shaun Connolly also starring Doug Guertin and Bryan O’Donnell is occurring Friday at Ralph’s Rock Diner. I will definitely remember to tell my editor to omit the part where I say that the show is at 8 p.m. I am also making a note, currently, to have them remove the sentence mentioning that the show is free. On top of that I will make sure to not even type into the document who will also be on the show. In no way will I tell you that Nikki Erskine of stART on the Street, Vaughn Slowaski of Scoop, as well as comedians Will Smalley, Brieana Woodward, Al Christakis, Danya Trommer and Mary Spadaro will be appearing. So, now that I have not told you about any of that. My other suggestion would be, “Applebee’s or bowling?”

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