Everyone has seen pictures of the Czech capital – Prague. But it’s even more fun to see all sights in person while walking the streets of the city of 100 Towers. You can truly immerse yourself in its culture and history while discovering unique monuments such as Charles Bridge, the Certovka Canal, the labyrinthine Old Town Square, the klementinum library, the Church of San Martin de la Muralla. Those all besides many exciting places which visiting makes your weekend awesome.


1. For the adrenalin lovers

A whole brand-new adventure available in gun range in Prague, that everyone should try!

You may have a one-of-a-kind gun firing activity without a shooting license or past expertise. You will shoot under the supervision of experienced range instructors who are either current or retired military or police departments officials with extensive expertise.

They will tell you exactly about safety precautions, best ways of gun handling, and useful shooting strategies to you and support you throughout the shooting practice.

Their aim is to give you to unforgettable time in the world of weapons while keeping you completely secure.

2. Moonlight Cruise on the Vltava River with Snacks

Take a peaceful sail around Prague and take in the sights. Enjoy the incredible views while drinking a glass of wine and snacking. On board, refreshments will be served throughout the whole river cruise.

Enjoy a 45-minute sailing boat ride down Prague’s Vltava River. Listen to the audio narrative as you go by Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge.

See Prague from a unique viewpoint. Explore the streams of legendary Prague aboard a classic canal boat with voice narration, as well as written manuals in 16 languages.

Admire the lovely views while learning about Prague’s history. After your river ride, you may learn even more at the Charles Bridge Museum.

The journey begins with the Charles Bridge. Capture pictures of the beautiful scenery of Prague Castle. Descend the Devil’s Canal (Certovka) and find why this location is famous as the “Venice of Prague.”

3. Electric bike tour of Prague

During this unique 3-hour ride, pedal across Prague on an electric bike. Meet with your cycling guide and pick what you wish to visit; your guide will create a schedule to your tastes.

Cycle through the green parks of Letna and Petrin, or see Prague Castle icons like Wenceslas Square and the astronomical clock.

During your stroll, learn about the city’s customs, history, and culture. On this customized trip, you’ll get individual attention and a customizable agenda.

This private tour for your party only, with a dedicated guide makes your own itinerary depending on your preferences.  So you can see not too famous, but no less beautiful places that are not included in the usual tourist programs.


4. Beer galore in Prague

Nothing tells the soul of Prague better than its breweries. Endless debates to know which serves the best lager draft… Since you have to choose, head for U Medvídků, founded in 1466 in Staré Město. Huge rooms, copper barrels, invigorating plates (breaded cutlets, goulash, quenelles) and XXL pints. All for a reasonable bill, which authorizes a homemade dessert: an ice cream with… beer!

If you want to combine drinking beer and seeing Prague, take a beer bike tour. For 1.5 hours you will enjoy unlimited Czech beer and beautiful Prague. Each bike is accompanied by a driver, who ensures the safety of movement.



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