A buddy of Tarnished’s mother knitted a fantastic doll of Elden Ring NPC Iron Fist Alexander. Old Iron Fist is one of the kinder Living Jars that fill Elden’s Ring, and he meets the player while in a pickle. Elden Ring’s Living Jars not only provide some of the more amusing NPCs in the Lands Between but also make excellent plant containers.

Veteran Soulsborne fans know to expect the unexpected from the series. Whether it’s the iconic difficulty forcing players to glance around every corner cautiously or the various unusual NPCs and animals met in the series, players know anything from a sun-worshipping knight to a horrifying heavenly abomination may be right around the corner. In the case of Elden Ring, this may be a massive sentient jar stuck in the dirt. This is where players first encounter Iron Fist Alexander, a Living Jar who is on a quest to become a renowned warrior but has become bogged in the muck.

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According to the Gaming website, the mother of Elden Ring, Reddit user, VogelSlayer, crocheted an excellent Iron Fist Alexander doll. The cute portrayal is exact in proportion and detail, with Alexander’s distinctive cracks and the characteristic ring pattern featured on most of Living Jars. The doll’s cap even has Alexander’s lid pattern sewn into it. Surprisingly, VogelSlayer’s mother’s work has already received over 12,000 upvotes and admiration in the comments, with many wishing for their own huggable Alexander.

VogelSlayer’s mother has made something remarkable, especially by Elden Ring standards. With a good response from the community, this Iron Fist Alexander crochet doll could be one of the most endearing tributes to From Software’s most recent triumph. While Elden Ring might be harsh, it’s encouraging to see how it can also bring families together.

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While Elden Ring might be harsh, it’s encouraging to see how it can also bring families together.

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