Elden Ring’s Lenne’s Rise doesn’t offer any hints on how to get inside, but this guide will help you get that Memory Stone.

Elden Ring is full of many varied locations and places to explore across the Lands Between. One such location type is the observation towers found through the various kingdoms. Each of these observations towers usually have some sort of gimmick or specific method of entering them, and Lenne’s Rise is no different.

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While many other observation towers have a pedestal out front hinting at the method for unlocking the tower, Lenne’s Rise offers no such clues — the pedestal out front is broken. If you’re having trouble figuring this one out on your own, this guide’s got you covered.


How To Reach Lenne’s Rise

  • Lenne’s Rise is located deep in Caelid, up in the northeast sub-region of Dragonbarrow. If you’ve already gained access to Dragonbarrow, follow any road eastward, and you should eventually reach Lenne’s Rise. If you haven’t yet visited that sub-region, you might benefit from a teleporter shortcut.
  • Head to the Third Church of Marika, located in the Mistwood sub-region of eastern Limgrave. From this church, you want to head a little to the north, along the river running just behind the church, and search through the bushes there. You’ll eventually come across a teleporter hidden in the brush.

  • Using this teleporter will drop you just outside the Bestial Sanctum in northern Dragonbarrow. Grab the site of grace just inside the Bestial Sanctum (and introduce yourself to Gurranq; don’t be rude). From here, the route can be a bit treacherous, but as long as you remain mounted on Torrent, the journey is relatively quick.
  • Ride south from Bestial Sanctum, avoiding the Black Blade Kindred guarding just outside. You’ll eventually reach a bridge with Flying Dragon Greyll patrolling back and forth along the length.
  • Grab the site of grace on the north side of the bridge (Farum Greatbridge site of grace).
  • Turn east and follow the road through the woods, which eventually turns southward.
  • Vulgar Militiamen await in ambush all along this path, which is also dotted with poison traps, but if you ride straight through, you should avoid them all.
  • You’ll eventually ride along a bridge below the Farum Greatbridge, which has a Night Cavalry patrolling after sunset.

On the south side of this lower bridge, you’ll spot a lone tower. You’ve reached Lenne’s Rise.

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How To Get Inside Lenne’s Rise

While Lenne’s Rise has the familiar magical barrier blocking entrance, it does not sport the usual tablet out front which hints at the trick to entry — well, it does, but it’s broken. You’re going to have to be a bit more creating. Along the right side of the tower, you’ll spot a Spirit Spring updraft. Mount Torrent and leap up from the Spirit Spring. This will launch you high above the tower. Try to land on the lower square roof closest to the Spirit Spring.

Once you’ve successfully landed on the roof, you’ll want to slide down the side just above an open balcony.

You’ve gained entry!

The layout of the tower should be familiar to you by this point if you’ve gained access to other observation towers. Head up the stairs and take the elevator to the top level. Make your final climb to the top tower and open the chest to receive a Memory Stone, increasing your character’s spell slots.

The bottom floor contains a School of Graven Mages enemy, but defeating it only rewards some paltry Runes, and it does not unseal the entrance to the tower itself, so feel free to exit the way you came in—from the balcony on the middle level below the elevator.

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