Development people are not interested in school and the school’s opinion is disinteresting.

The school children don’t care about the students’ opinion.

Studio Mojang wants to understand what bothers Minecraft players across platforms. To solve it, developers launched an analysis of the players’ problems.

After choosing the platform, the player is asked to assess the ease of management and other aspects of the current game. Then you should select what development’s needs should focus on.

For example, the players who play smartphones and tablets want to increase gaming efficiency and keep their devices cool. And on the PC, you can demand additional optimization.

In addition, developers are asked to talk about how often players encounter problems when crafting, touching charms, peasants, raids, the list is ten years long.

The request for a survey posted by the developers on the Minecraft subreddit has been mixed with people. Players bombarded Mojang employees with questions:

Why the study can’t be undertaken by anybody under 18 years old. Why should the developers know what race, age, and location of the player are like? If you can’t answer these questions, they are not. Why aren’t any questions related to the moderation system introduced to Minecraft in Java? Why not put out a quiz if the developers continue to listen to the opinions of the players. The fans cannot forgive the introduction of moderation in Java.

As long as the feedback is collected, the Minecraft Live show will be released on October 15th. However, Mojang must decide on the direction of games development. Representatives of the developers didn’t engage in a discussion with fans on Reddit.

It’s interesting.

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