Lionsgate’s new horror film Devil’s Workshop received a red band trailer unveiled by Bloody Disgusting, and it poses an interesting question – how far would you go to earn that big role in a film? For a struggling actor like Clayton (Timothy Granaderos) the answer is consorting with a real-life demonologist in order to prepare himself to be one on-screen. In his desperate search to come out on top and land the part, however, he ends up trapped in a hellish nightmare where the rituals are real and the consequences for dealing with demons are dire. The film opens in theaters, on digital, and on-demand on September 30.

The trailer centers on Clayton who seems confident that he’s about to land a big role as a demonologist in a film, something that would lift him out of the doldrums of the acting world. His confidence is shaken, however, when his acquaintance Donald (Emile Hirsch) throws his hat in the ring and almost instantly becomes the front-runner. Determined to get the role at all costs, he contacts Eliza (Radha Mitchell), a demonologist who offers to give him some on-the-job experience. Very quickly, however, it seems he’s in over his head as she invites him to partake in a demonic ritual.


It all starts with an exorcism with real human blood to help Clayton face his demons. As he stays with Eliza for the weekend, however, things get progressively darker as he performs more rituals and is even offered to sacrifice a goat. Despite the presence of demons, Eliza seems to be the biggest danger of the bunch as her inclination to help Clayton may have been a front for something more sinister. It’s hard to piece together her motives, however, as she effortlessly swaps between cruel, threatening, and seductive. She saves her most terrifying trick for last though, peeling back her skin and engulfing a room in flames. It gives meaning to Lionsgate’s teaser for the film – “The shocking climax will set your soul ablaze.”

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The Lionsgate supernatural horror film is the third feature from director Chris von Hoffman who most notably helmed the 2018 horror thriller Monster Party headlined by Sam Strike and Erin Moriarty. He’d mostly directed short films until 2016 when he took a leap into feature filmmaking with Drifter. Alongside Granaderos, Mitchell, and Hirsch, he also got to work with Sarah Coffey, Brooke Ramirez, and Miles Doleac this time around.

Devil’s Workshop releases in theaters, on digital, and on-demand on September 30. Check out the red band trailer below.

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