Right after joining a new world, the first thing almost all Minecraft players do is break blocks. However, the number of blocks obtainable using fists is limited. Gamers will have to craft different tools like pickaxes, shovels, hoes, and axes to acquire resources efficiently.

A shovel helps in mining blocks like dirt, sand, gravel, etc. The tool can be crafted from two sticks and any of the following items: wooden plank, cobblestone, iron ingot, gold ingot, or diamond. Players can turn a diamond shovel into a netherite shovel using a netherite ingot on a smithing table.

Like other tools, shovels also support lots of different enchantments in Minecraft. In this guide, players can learn about five of the best enchantments for shovels in the sandbox title.

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Which are the best enchantments for shovels in Minecraft?

5) Unbreaking

Unbreaking enchantment (Image via Mojang)
Unbreaking enchantment (Image via Mojang)

Whether it is a tool, armor, or weapon, the Unbreaking enchantment is a must-have. It helps the shovels last longer in Minecraft. Every utility item has a set amount of durability points, which it loses upon usage. However, with the Unbreaking enchantment, the chances of losing these points are lowered.

If players want their shovels to last longer, Unbreaking is the best enchantment in Minecraft. Diamond and netherite pickaxes are also valuable, so players should enchant them with the same enchantment, which has a maximum level of three.

4) Mending

Mending enchantment (Image via Mojang)
Mending enchantment (Image via Mojang)

Like Unbreaking, Mending supports all tools, weapons, and armor. It is a must-have enchantment in Minecraft and is also related to the durability system.

In the early game, one of the most common problems is tools breaking. Once a tool runs out of durability, it breaks, and players must craft a new one. This whole process can be avoided using Mending enchantment. Any item enchanted with it can recover its durability points by consuming experience orbs. With an efficient XP farm, players can restore their items to max durability within no time.

3) Fortune

Fortune enchantment (Image via Mojang)
Fortune enchantment (Image via Mojang)

Fortune is one of the most valuable enchantments in Minecraft. While it is commonly used on pickaxes, players can also use it on a shovel. Fortune increases the drop rate of certain resources that can be obtained via mining, such as ores, crops, etc.

Many players might question the purpose of this enchantment on a shovel as the tool is not used for mining any ores. Well, Fortune is useful on the item if players want to get a ton of flint from gravel. A gravel block, which has a ten percent chance of dropping flint by default, mined with a Fortune III shovel will always offer one.

Players should also know that this enchantment is incompatible with Silk Touch. However, an item cannot have both together.

2) Silk Touch

Silk Touch enchantment (Image via Mojang)
Silk Touch enchantment (Image via Mojang)

In Minecraft, some blocks turn into different ones or break down when mined with a regular tool such as grass, glass, etc. Silk Touch is required for obtaining such blocks. Players who want to obtain lots of grass blocks can use the Silk Touch enchantment on their shovels.

Silk Touch is also helpful for obtaining gravel blocks. When a shovel is used with the enchantment to mine them, they will always drop gravel. Silk Touch is best for getting grass and gravel blocks with a shovel.

1) Efficiency

Efficiency enchantment (Image via Mojang)
Efficiency enchantment (Image via Mojang)

Efficiency is an enchantment limited to tools. It increases the mining speed and helps players mine blocks quickly. The enchantment has a maximum level of five, and a shovel with Efficiency V mines through layers of sand, grass, gravel, etc., within seconds.

As sand cannot be farmed, most players go to a desert to collect tons of sand blocks. Using a shovel with Efficiency enchantment makes the process a lot quicker and helps save time.

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