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Cheating and hacking in battle royale games are still a pretty big deal. And to be honest, whenever it comes into the conversation, it’s usually a result of the ongoing problems in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Call of Duty‘s big step into the battle royale world has been popular, that much is clear – but it’s still rife with cheaters and hackers that have been able to duck the RICOCHET anti-cheat measures with very little effort.

As we approach the release of Warzone 2.0, fans are concerned that the same sort of problems will come back to haunt it – and now, as Fortnite has remained relatively hacker-free, fans are calling for Call of Duty to pinch its ideas for the greater good.

Fortnite Is Getting New Anti-Cheat Measures

A new anti-cheat measure has come to Fortnite, and rather than being met with love from the game’s fans, the announcement has come with upset from Warzone fans, who feel they’re missing out on effective measures.

The new approach from Fortnite means that players who use “restricted devices” to give them a competitive advantage will be getting an in-game warning that forces them to remove the device and restart the game.

For those who dare ignore this request and try to break through from there, they’ll get a permanent ban. The new measures are pretty simple and elegant – and now, Call of Duty fans are wanting their game to follow suit.


Call Of Duty Fans Demand Fortnite’s Anti-Cheat

Fans are calling on Call of Duty to introduce similar measures to Warzone 2.0 and the upcoming Modern Warfare 2, as they’ve seen how elegantly the problem can be addressed in-game. One cheered, “It’s time for COD to crack down on the Chronus zen…I think more players use it than you think.” Another added, “How awesome would it be for the community to have Richocet in full force and have the ability to detect and ban restricted hardware?!?” 

Streaming personality JGOD has led the charge on the requests, with fans following after. It’s clear that Call of Duty fans have had enough, and now their upset is at such a strong degree that they’re turning to Fortnite for advice. Oh, how times have changed.

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