As far as Xbox tried to close its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, it’s becoming more heated by its words and actions with Xbox. The EA CEO said that despite the passing of the deal, it would be quite wise for us to acknowledge that Call of Duty would probably become an exclusive Xbox. For example, EA.

Andrew Wilson said by Stephen Totilo at Goldman Sachs event that Call of Duty is a great idea for Battlefield. If there are questions over the future of Duty’s call of duty and what platforms might or may not be on or on, becoming platform agnostic and completely cross-platform with Battlefield, I think this is a great opportunity, Wilson said.

The GOD OF DAY is yours.

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This CEO’s comments come amid an increasingly uncomfortable relationship between Jim Ryan and Phil Spencer in PlayStation. It began with comments from Sony saying its fear over Call of Duty becoming an Xbox exclusive, as well as admitting that building a competitor would likely be impossible. Spencer clarified that Xbox doesn’t have any plans to make any Activision Blizzard games exclusives, if this acquisition happened.

Ryan then labeled the Call of Duty offer Xbox has supposedly made inadequate. That does not support the belief that Xbox will be required to do so in at least three years. Spencer reiterated that there isn’t any intention to make Call of Duty an Xbox exclusive, posing questioning how taking away the game from the PlayStation would benefit the potential new owners.

Although it might be surprising that anyone in the industry wants the acquisition to go through outside of the parties involved, EA clearly envisioned a gap in the market if Call of Duty is lost away from PlayStation. This is a much needed opportunity to take its first-person shooter series to the next level as soon as the missteps of Battlefield 2042 have come.

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