The Lore and Secrets of Stormveil Castle

Elden Ring has a lot of lore in it. Some is given to us is dialogue. Some in item descriptions, and for some, we have to look a bit deeper. Today, we shall be taking a look at some secrets and lore that fit this description. First of all, we shall be looking at the corruption and rot that is found within Stormveil Castle. This will take us from the far east t oCaelid, with General Radahn, to the depths of Stormveil Castle, where the face underneath the castle can be found, along with the prince of deaths postule. We talk about how this is not Godwyn.

Next, we shall discuss the mystery of the Storm Lord, the once ruler of Stormveil, and how it may link to the Stormhawk King and Nepheli Loux.

After this, we shall take a look at Roderika, and the chrysalids that she mentions, but that are never fully explained.

Then we shall take a look at Gostoc, how he steals your runes and how he may actually play a larger role in Stormveil Castle, through his link with Godrick the Grafted.

Lastly, we shall take a look at the godslayer seal which uses the black flame, and the godskin apostles, and how they may have once came to the castle.

1:08 The corruption of Stormveil Castle and the Face beneath
17:00 The Storm Lord
26:15 Roderika and her chrysalids
32:55 Gostoc and Godrick
39:18 The Godslayer Seal and the black flame

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