New Delhi: Countries like India and Pakistan banned PUBG for many reasons including national security and promoting violence. Following suit, the Taliban is also going to ban the game. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, often known as PUBG Mobile, will be outlawed by the Taliban within the next three months for encouraging violence.

PUBG Mobile and TikTok will be banned in Afghanistan within 90 days after the country’s Ministry of Telecommunications had a conference with members of the security industry and the Sharia Law enforcement agency. (Also Read: OMG! An 18-year boy hacks Uber, employees’ thoughts someone is joking)

According to Afghan news source Khaama Press, the Taliban has agreed to put the TikTok ban into force in a month, although the PUBG Mobile ban could take up to 90 days to take effect. According to reports, the Afghan government has informed the nation’s internet and telecommunications service providers of the impending ban and that it must be implemented in accordance with the schedule. (Also Read: WhatsApp tricks and tips: How to send message to someone on WhatsApp without saving their number)

Obviously, given how the Taliban won control in Afghanistan, people immediately stood up to point out the irony.

The Taliban had previously blocked access to more than 23 million websites for Afghan citizens before the announcement regarding the ban on PUBG Mobile and TikTok. The temporary administration claimed that the websites were showing what they considered to be immoral material.

Najibullah Haqqani, the Taliban administration’s minister of communications, claimed that the government blocked 23.4 million websites because “they change pages every time.” Therefore, if you ban one website, another will be operational.

However, India banned PUBG Mobile before Afghanistan in 2020. According to the Indian authorities, PUBG Mobile was detrimental to India’s sovereignty. However, after receiving official approval, PUBG Mobile made a comeback as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

However, the government recently outlawed BGMI and gave the same justifications as when it outlawed PUBG Mobile. The embargo has been in place for more than a month, and Krafton, the owner of BGMI, has stated that it is cooperating with the government.

On the other side, Pakistan has also banned PUBG Mobile because it encourages violence among children.

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