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  • Minecraft: Education Edition encourages learning across a plethora of topics all over the world.
  • On Wednesday, Mojang Studios announced an educational collaboration with BBC Earth and the new Frozen Planet II documentary.
  • The collaboration will bring five unique worlds to Minecraft: Education Edition exploring the importance of frozen ecosystems, the effect of climate change, and more.
  • The worlds will be accompanied by interactive lesson plans and be available in 29 languages, with the first releasing today, Sept. 21, 2022.

Minecraft: Education Edition is a valuable and well-rounded educational tool used in dozens of countries by hundreds of educators and organizations. The Minecraft spin-off spans a wide variety of topics and subjects, complete with full lesson plans, a focus on creative thinking and collaboration, and exclusive partnerships. The latest such partnership has just been announced, with Mojang Studios collaborating with BBC Earth and its latest Frozen Planet II documentary.

Frozen Planet II follows its predecessor 11 years later, returning to the coldest parts of Earth for an extended, hauntingly beautiful dissection of these incredible ecosystems, and the ominous effects that climate change is having on them. Five unique worlds are coming to Minecraft: Education Edition as a part of the collaboration between Mojang Studios and BBC Earth, with each featuring incredible environments and diverse animals from Frozen Planet II.

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