Minecraft is introducing a new ice cream themed upon its in-game items and blocks, with a limited series of four flavors for gamers to try.

Minecraft has had a fair number of collaborations with snack and food companies over its lifespan, and now it’s adding a new variety of ice creams to that list. It seems the collaborations have been doing well for Minecraft and its partners, and it’s likely this won’t be the last Minecraft-inspired food coming to fans.

Minecraft has a wide range of ages playing it, from the very young to the elderly, so a variety of brands and types of food based on the game make sense. In this particular case, those who are trying to make healthier choices should find these ice creams to be a great fit.


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Minecraft and snack brand N!CK’S are partnering to create these new Minecraft ice cream flavors. There are four flavors total, with each being based off of an in-game Minecraft item or food. The flavors are Enchanted Apple Pie, Cake Blocka, Peanot Choklad Glowdust, and Emerald Minta. Notably, these are lower in calories and have no added sugar, making them a keto-friendly diet choice, with only 4-5 carbs per pint. In keeping with the Minecraft theme, the pints are packaged in square containers resembling Minecraft blocks instead of the company’s usual round pints.

Unfortunately for fans hoping to find these in stores, they’ll be out of luck. The Minecraft ice cream flavors are only available online, shipped to the purchaser’s home. Each pint is $9.99, though interested buyers can get a bonus if they purchase any of the Minecraft-themed bundles of flavors, which include a free additional non-Minecraft flavor with purchase. However, the frozen nature of the products and the shipping-only option also means that fans aren’t going to end up having to buy these products from second-hand sellers who often price gouge limited releases like these.

N!CK’S has only been around since 2017, but the company has made waves with its products, becoming the “the #1 U.S. direct-to-consumer pint ice cream delivery brand since July 2021.” Additionally, the N!CK’S Minecraft Ice Cream press release notes that the two companies got their start in Sweden, which likely helped to bring them together in this partnership.

Minecraft‘s prior and existing food products include things like Eggo waffles and Minecraft Creeper Cereal. Like many other popular games out there, partnerships aren’t uncommon and seem to be beneficial for both the game companies and the manufacturers alike. However, it’s a bit rarer to see a healthy diet-safe option available, so those who usually can’t indulge in the snacks that are usually tied to games have a new option here.

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