The first week of the American Legion of Powers: China’s Asia Pacific series has finished. The 16 teams competed for 15 intense matches across three days to earn a maximum level of points and earn a solid state of the standings ahead of Sept. 23 to 25.

The PCS 7 APAC includes teams from Southeast Asia and Oceania who are competing for an additional $250,000 prize. Besides that, six places to the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2022 are up for grabs.

PCS 7 – APAC Week 1: Recap from PCS 7 APAC Week 1.

The first week was the first that took place between Sept 16 and 18 and that includes 15 teams. Here are the PCS’s totals – so far.

1. Cerberus esports: 148 points. 2. ShuaiGeDui: 162 points. 3. United Esports Buriram: 120 points. 4. Theerathon Five: 114 points. 5. 104 points for Daytrade Gaming: 104 on average. 6. a.n.A.: 84 points. 7. Genius Esports: 83 points per game: 8. MS Chonburi: 82 points. 9. ArkAngel Predator: 72 points. 10. Positive mental attitude: 70 points. 11. Origami Orangutans: 67 points 12. Team Bliss: 61 points. 13. Ikarus Cyber: 61 points. 14. 58 points From the Next. 15. New Generation Esports: 57 points. 16. The expenses: 57 points.

Cerberus are leading the standings and 20 points clear of ShuaiGeDui, second place. The Vietnamese team was able to start the PCS 7 Asian Cactus by eating two back-to-back chicken. Since they had inconsistent performances on day two, they won last week’s first two matches on a high with three top-four finishes in the last three matches.

They are looking for the championship in the second week. They are trailed by ShuaiGeDui (128 points) and Buriram (1210) who have their eyes on the trophy also. Both teams had a smooth day three. The team will be looking for the spoiler for the victory over Ceberus with the win over the PCS 7 APAC.

How will teams qualify for the PGC 2022?

Five spot marks are available for grabs in the APAC region towrd PGC 2022. The winner of PCS 7 will also earn a spot in the event, while the remaining spots are given to the best performers in the market. In 2022, teams should accumulate PFC points from both seasons, and become PCS seven and six respectively.

The Thai team with the most points of PGC will be eligible. While the same group of people with most points in the world earn a spot in the event, the remaining three spots will be given to the top three with the most points.

the PGC Points in the APAC region.

Although Cerberus Esports have 20 points in the top of the table, a bad match can even be found in week two. This still doesn’t affect their position at PGC this year, but they would like to win PCS7 and put the right foot forward during the season’s final.

PGC 2022 will take place in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates from 1 to 20 Nov. This is the Dubai Exhibition Center where there will be more than a million dollars prize pool. While the base prize pool is 2.2 million dollars, the rewards are likewise worth more than the upcoming PGC items.

Watch PCS 7 APAC Week 2: Where can you watch?

The second week of PCS 7 will take place from September 23 to 25. In the same way as the first week, five matches will take place each day for thirty matches.

It will be broadcast in a variety of languages on the Twitch channel for the PUBG Battlegrounds and the Esports channel.

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