One Elden Ring player won’t be taking half-measures against any of the game’s bosses as they create a version of Mike from Breaking Bad.

An Elden Ring player has made Breaking Bad’s Mike Ehrmantraut using the game’s character creator. Elden Ring puts the player in the role of a Tarnished, a warrior who has been set on the quest to restore the Elden Ring and claim the title of Elden Lord. While this may sound like quite the serious undertaking, a lot of Elden Ring players have used the game’s character creator to make some wacky and interesting characters. From the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taking on Elden Ring in a co-op party to He-Man powering his way past the game’s bosses, plenty of characters from other IPs have made their way to the Lands Between.


Fans have been going all out with Elden Ring’s character creator since the game first launched in February. While some may argue creating a silly character in a game with such dark and serious lore might detract from the latter, fans of FromSoftware titles have been making weird protagonists since the original Demon’s Souls. For all the Soulsborne games, except Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a character creator has been implemented.

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Even over six months after Elden Ring’s release, fans are still creating interesting new characters to begin their journeys with. Recently, one Reddit user known as Larz2411 showed off their rendition of Mike from Breaking Bad. Mike Ehrmantraut appears in Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, being a fan-favorite character in both shows. Viewers often enjoy his no-nonsense demeanor and cool moments, such as when he infiltrates a warehouse in season 3 and takes out multiple guards with just a silenced pistol. Alongside being a beloved character, Mike Ehrmantraut has also been the focus of many Breaking Bad memes, something that is clear in Larz2411’s depiction of the character.

The first nod to a Breaking Bad meme in Larz2411’s Elden Ring character is that it is named Finger, referring to the “Kid Named Finger” meme that revolves around an image of Mike. Also, in the title of Larz2411’s Reddit post, there’s a reference to how Mike pronounces the name Walter. In the comments of the Reddit post, there were plenty of other references to Breaking Bad and how Mike would take on the Lands Between.

While it may seem out of place to see Mike Ehrmantraut in Elden Ring, plenty of other Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul characters have made their way into other games through character creators and mods. Recently, one mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man allowed players to swing around the streets of New York as Jesse Pinkman, Walter White’s drug-dealing partner. Also, there is even an RPG inspired by Breaking Bad on the way known as Family Man.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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