An automatic chicken farm in Minecraft is an excellent way to obtain a recurring source of food. It takes very few materials to build, but having one can essentially remove the need for farming crops if a player prefers cooked meat.

Though automatic chicken farms in the game differ from one another, they tend to follow the same premise.


A dispenser takes chicken eggs and fires them to spawn new chickens. The chicken grows to full size and is killed by a lava pool, which immediately drops cooked chicken. The chicken is then funneled to a chest via hopper, where players can collect it whenever they like.

Materials needed to create a basic automatic chicken farm

A smaller-scale automatic chicken farm in Minecraft (Image via Benry/YouTube)
A smaller-scale automatic chicken farm in Minecraft (Image via Benry/YouTube)

Different farm designs call for different amounts of blocks and items in Minecraft, but a basic automatic chicken farm shouldn’t require much.

For a basic farm, players will require:

  • A chest or double chest
  • A dispenser block
  • Two hoppers
  • 10 glass blocks (other building blocks can suffice but won’t provide vision into the machine)
  • A lava bucket
  • A slab block made of any kind of stone (wooden slabs will burn in the machine)
  • One piece of redstone dust
  • Three standard building blocks (the sturdier, the better)
  • A redstone comparator
  • A fence post (wooden posts can work, but a fireproof material like nether brick or crimson/warped fungus is a better idea)
  • A few chickens to get started

While this may seem somewhat daunting, building an automatic farm isn’t as difficult as it might appear.

Minecraft players won’t need extensive knowledge of redstone mechanics or anything of the sort. In just a few minutes, they should be able to easily create a recurring source of cooked chicken.

Players should just make sure to bring multiple chickens to the farm at the beginning. The machine may otherwise kill the chickens faster than it can create them with eggs.


Steps to construct a basic automatic cooked chicken farm in Minecraft

Here are the steps you can follow to build a basic automatic cooked chicken farm in Minecraft:

  1. Place your chest block at a location you deem appropriate. Connect one of the hoppers to it. On top of the hopper, place your stone slab block.
  2. Place two of your glass blocks on top of the chest block vertically. Behind the stone slab, place your dispenser block. Make certain that the dispenser is facing the slab. Next, connect your second hopper to the dispenser. This can be done by placing the hopper on top of the dispenser.
  3. Box in the top of the hopper listed in Step 2. This will be the containment area the chickens will reside in. Directly in front of the hopper, create another boxed-in area, leaving room directly in front of the hopper to place your lava before sealing it off.
  4. Place a building block behind the dispenser block. Atop this building block, place your redstone comparator, making sure the comparator’s arrow is facing away from the lava. Behind the comparator, place an additional building block.
  5. Place another building block two blocks’ distance downward. On top of this final block, place your redstone dust.
  6. Lure your chickens into the hole you created in Step 3 and seal off the top with your fencepost. The chickens will be unable to escape. Alternatively, if you have eggs, you can simply throw them into the hole until a few chickens spawn.
  7. As a final touch, you can place slabs on your glass blocks at the top of the farm. This isn’t exactly necessary. However, if you’re using a wooden fence piece, it can keep the chickens from escaping. It also fireproofs the fence piece from the nearby lava. Depending on what difficulty mode you’re playing on, the heat of the lava can cause some flammability problems if you’re not careful.


If constructed correctly, Minecraft players should now be able to watch their automatic farm begin its work. It can take some time, depending on how long it takes for your chickens to lay eggs. However, once they do, the farm will begin spawning chickens and killing them with lava once they reach adulthood. All that’s left afterwards is to collect your cooked chicken.

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