When Modern Warfare came out in 2019, a change to the minimap had fans in arms. With Infinity Ward’s decision to keep the minimap change in the latest Call of Duty, fans are mad once more. Keep reading to learn more about this change.

Call of Duty Minimap Change

Only one thing changed from the minimap, and that is the removal of the red dot. No, we’re not referring to the gun attachment (although to be honest that’s what first came to mind). We’re talking about the red dots that appear on the minimap. In past Call of Duty games, and even this one, the minimap constantly shows two things: your allies, and the terrain of the map. Allies would appear on the map as blue or green icons. Normally, the enemy’s positions are not visible on the minimap. Their positions, however, become visible under one of three conditions. Players can either use an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to scan for enemy positions, wait for enemies to shoot their weapons, or just have it on through game match settings. The last option, however, is only available in split-screen multiplayer fights.

In Modern Warfare (2019), however, this changed. Players can still see the red dots whenever a UAV scan is in the air, however, gunshots no longer show the red dots of the enemies. That means players can now shoot their weapons without being scared of revealing their positions. Normally players can only accomplish this with the aid of suppressors, but now suppressors are not required. Instead of the minimap, players could use the compass instead to determine the direction of the enemy, but not the exact location. This change did not sit well with fans of the game. Especially so now that Modern Warfare II still implements this minimap change.

Many players, like the one in the above tweet, treat the game like an arena shooter (which, to be fair, it kinda is). Having no red dots significantly slows down the gameplay, and forces players to actually look for their enemies. The Call of Duty franchise caters more to those who prefer fast-paced gameplay. Compare this to games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Rainbow Six Siege, where playing tactically is more important. It’s easy to see why players do not like this change and continue to speak out against it.

Of course, not everyone is mad about it. Some players actually find the lack of a red dot nice, as it brings to focus a player’s skill in looking for enemies. Sadly, however, these players are a minority, overpowered by the louder fans. Infinity Ward, on the other hand, shows no signs of backing down on the minimap change. We only wait and see how this change will affect how players play the game.

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