Minecraft is a game of creativity and innovation. However, there are many ways players can make the experience more rewarding.

Create: Above and Beyond is a modpack that compiles several Minecraft mods and creates a journey of discovery.


Players can begin this modpack by tinkering and experimenting in order to form new inventions and automations. By the end of the modpack’s progression, they will be able to create an entire space shuttle and blast off into outer space.

It takes quite some time to progress through the entire modpack, but each step is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Minecraft modpack Create: Above and Beyond focuses on invention

Automated gears turn along in Create: Above and Beyond (Image via FTBservers)
Automated gears turn along in Create: Above and Beyond (Image via FTBservers)

In Create: Above and Beyond, Minecraft players can begin by collecting and creating small components. When combined, these components will form larger machines that can perform various tasks and make a player’s job in Survival Mode significantly easier.

As players complete their initial steps, they will receive challenges and begin to progress at a more rapid rate until they have a full-blown factory operating in their world.

Create: Above and Beyond is all about invention. According to the developers, there are approximately 50 inventions that players will need to build on their way to space. Eventually, players will form a supercomputer for their shuttle, and their final invention products will be processed through it until the vessel is ready for takeoff.

Additionally, the modpack adds professions, which allow players to earn currency and purchase materials and components needed for their invention projects.


The size and scope of the modpack are massive, and Minecraft players will have their hands full with their day-to-day operations. They will be managing conveyor belts, setting off controlled explosions, and processing new and intriguing materials like crystals.

To manufacture their way to the stars, players will need to maximize their efficiency and use everything at their disposal to adapt and innovate. Fortunately, the ability to trade and shop around for parts and assistance can make the process much easier.

A huge number of unique and exclusive blocks, items, and fluids have been added to the game through this modpack. Furthermore, an extensive amount of custom scripting ensures that players will learn new ways to automate outside the confines of Minecraft’s standard gameplay loop.


Create: Above and Beyond may be quite complex for some, but it features a ton of content to enjoy and starts players off with a very respectable learning curve.

Due to the modpack’s massive popularity, players can find it through various online modding outlets for the game, including CurseForge. Using the Forge application allows players to easily and quickly install the modpack and dive right into enjoying it.

Create: Above and Beyond is also exceptional for multiplayer servers and situations. Multiple players’ minds tackling logistics can make the final reward even more gratifying.

At the end of the day, Create: Above and Beyond may not be the ideal modpack for all Minecraft players, but it’s great for players who love to invent and optimize. Once players have reached outer space, they’ll feel incredibly accomplished in their hours of innovation.

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